Article Abstract

Cancer immunotherapy in review: preface to special edition

Authors: Marin Feldman Xavier


As we emerge head first into this new era of immuno-oncology, it seems timely for clinicians and scientists alike to review how far we have come in engineering the immune system to fight cancer. Whether by stem cell transplantation and graft versus tumor effect, monoclonal antibody therapy, vaccines, cellular therapies with CAR-T cells, or checkpoint inhibitors each cancer has had varying levels of success with immune system-related strategies. In this special issue I have guided our authors to consider and review the immune-mediated tools we have recently gained in both solid and hematologic malignancies. Upon review of the treatments available I have also asked each author to catapult us to the next wave of strategies currently in development and in clinical trials. Ultimately each topic chapter touches on a new class of immune toxicities that we have recently discovered as we explore and unleash the power of immunotherapy.