Article Abstract

Clinicopathological and theranostic analysis of 82 breast cancer patients older than 80 years

Authors: Qing Lv, Dong Meng, Chunlei Sun, Linfang Jin, Chungen Xing


Background: Elderly patients are unique due to their physical state, natural life span and poor endurance and prognosis for surgical operations and chemotherapy. The first aim of our retrospective study was to analyze clinical and pathological features of breast cancer with age more than 80 years, the second aim was to discuss the individualized treatment plan.
Methods: Retrospective analyze the clinical and pathological data of 82 cases of breast cancer which the patients were over 80 years old and the diagnose were confirmed after operation in our hospital which is comprehensive tertiary hospital in JiangSu province, China, during the period of 2008.06–2017.06, and follow up by telephone from June 2009 to June 2017, and median follow-up time was 50 months.
Results: In 82 cases, invasive cancer accounted for 93.9% (77/82), significantly higher than previous report (70–75%) triple-negative breast cancer accounted for 30.5% (25/82) and was higher than the young population (15–20%), Her2 positive breast cancer accounted for 7.3% (6/82), which was lower than the young population (10–20%), Stage III breast cancer accounted for 23.2% (19/82), which was significantly higher than the young population (10–15%);breast resection accounted for 61.0% (50/82), axillary treatment accounted for 57.3% (47/82); chemotherapy accounted for 17.1% (14/82), endocrine therapy accounted for 68.3% (56/82); these were similar to the previous reports. Ten cases of recurrence, ten cases died of breast cancer.
Conclusions: Elderly breast cancer has special clinical and pathological features and more complications, course of disease is long, stage of disease is relatively late, the proportion of triple-negative breast cancer and Her2 positive is high and low respectively. Poor tolerance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and the operation and endocrine therapy is the main and effective treatment.