Article Abstract

Successful ablation for pulmonary artery tumor thrombosis more than 5 cm with massive hepatocellular carcinoma and multiple pulmonary metastases

Authors: Zhuhui Yuan, Yang Wang, Miao Lucy He, Jiasheng Zheng, Wei Li


We presented a 72-year-old male patient with a massive pulmonary artery tumor thrombosis (PATT) of 5.8 cm in diameter originating from two huge unresectable hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC, 8.3 and 5.5 cm) and multiple pulmonary metastases (PM). The patient was treated by percutaneous thermal ablation, and complete response was achieved. No severe complication was found during the treatment course. After a 6-year follow-up period for the primary HCC and a 14-month follow-up period for the PATT, no tumor progression was identified. The relevant literatures were presented and discussed. In conclusion, percutaneous ablation was a safe and effective treatment of PATT, as well as advanced HCC.