Article Abstract

Overexpressed miR-128a inhibits the proliferation of laryngeal cancer cells

Authors: Guang-Lun Wan, Hui Chen, Liang Zhou, Jia-Meng Huang


Background: To identify the expression of miR-128a in laryngeal tumor tissues and to clarify the function of this miR on the proliferation capability of laryngeal cancer cells.
Methods: Forty pairs of laryngeal tumor and normal tissue were collected and subjected to quantitative PCR analysis. MiR-128a was overexpressed using lentiviral transfection, and the function of miR-128a was evaluated by proliferation assay, colony formation and apoptosis assay. Tumorigenesis assay was performed in vivo.
Results: MiR-128a expression was lower in laryngeal tumor samples. MiR-128a overexpression cells exhibited reduced proliferation, presented enhanced apoptosis, while the reduced tumor formation was observed in miR-128a overexpression cells.
Conclusions: MiR-128a suppressed proliferative capability of laryngeal cancer cells and promoted apoptosis in vitro and in vivo.