Article Abstract

Synchronous primary carcinomas of the prostate, thyroid and rectum: case report and review of the literature

Authors: Yujiao Long, Weidong Liu, Youyi Dai, Haijun Wu, Xueying Long, Zhan Liang, Rongrong Zhou


We report a case of rectal cancer with an initial symptom of rectal bleeding. The clinical, morphological, immunohistochemical, and imaging findings supported a diagnosis of synchronous primary carcinoma of the prostate, rectal adenocarcinoma, and papillary thyroid tumor. The patient, whose poor cardiac function contraindicated surgery, underwent long-course chemoradiotherapy and hormonal therapy. The patient is currently asymptomatic, with stable disease and an improved quality of life. To our knowledge, synchronous primary carcinomas of the prostate, thyroid, and rectum are extremely rare in the literature. There are few published reports addressing parallel treatment and outcomes when such a synchronous diagnosis is made; we share here our experience in formulating a treatment plan.