c[RGDyk]-coated liposomes loaded with adriamycin and miR-21 mimics inhibit the growth of hepatoma cell line SMCC-7721 via up-regulating Bax and p53

Xiaoyong Wei, Xiaolong You, Jianlong Zhang, Cuncai Zhou


Background: This study was conducted to investigate the effects of c[RGDyk]-coated liposomes loaded with Adriamycin (nanodrug) and miR-21 mimics on hepatoma cell line SMCC-7721.
Methods: SMCC-7721 cells were divided into five groups: control (receiving no treatment), nanodrug, miR-21 mimics + nanodrug and miR-21 mimics and empty vector. The concentration and duration of treatments were determined using the MTT assay. Cell apoptosis was detected using flow cytometer. The expression of Bax, Bcl-2 and p53 was measured using qPCR and Western blot analysis.
Results: MTT showed that the nanodrug inhibited cell proliferation. Nanodrug and miR-21 led to cell arrest at S phase and apoptosis. qPCR showed that cells treated with nanodrug and miR-21 increased the expression of Bax and p53. Western blot analysis indicated that Bcl-2 expression was significantly reduced.
Conclusions: Our work demonstrates that nanodrug and miR-21 have inhibitory effect on SMCC-7721 cells via up-regulating Bax and p53.