Article Abstract

Adjuvant radiotherapy for low-risk early breast cancer in elderly women: evidence from randomized trials

Authors: Javier Burgos-Burgos, Beatriz Pinar-Sedeño, Laura García-Cabrera, Nieves Rodríguez-Ibarria, Auxiliadora Cabezón-Pons, Marta Lloret-Sáenz-Bravo, Elena Vicente-Rubio, Víctor Vega-Benítez, María Travieso-Aja, Pedro C. Lara


Breast cancer is the most common cancer pathology in women in the Western world. The median age at diagnosis is 60 years and in the coming decades it is estimated that the number of elderly women affected reaches an important percentage. This aging of the cancer population, associated with its inherent comorbidities and aggravated by the lack of consensus about the most appropriate treatment, make it difficult to administer an effective postoperative treatment in elderly women with a low-risk profile. An exhaustive geriatric evaluation is a sine qua non condition to opt for a specific type of treatment. To date, several options are available such as endocrine therapy (ET) alone, moderate/high hypofractionation and various accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) techniques. In this article, we provide information about each of them.