Article Abstract

Hypofractionated radiotherapy for elderly breast cancer patients: from early stages disease to local palliation for unresectable disease

Authors: Vimoj J. Nair, Jean Michel Caudrelier


There is a lack of clear guidelines on optimal radiotherapy dose regimen for elderly breast cancer patients. This review summarizes the current evidence on role of hypofractionated radiotherapy in elderly breast cancer. Also, suggestions have been provided on the best fractionation approaches based on current evidence. Hypofractionated radiotherapy is feasible and well tolerated in elderly breast cancer patients with both early and locally advanced disease. Ultra-hypofractionated regimen seem appropriate for palliation of unresectable primary breast disease and could become a safe approach for adjuvant treatments. Hypofractionated radiotherapy should be considered for treatment of elderly breast cancer for curative intent, as well as for palliation.