Applications of hyperspectral imaging in the detection and diagnosis of solid tumors

Yating Zhang, Xiaoqian Wu, Li He, Chan Meng, Shunda Du, Jie Bao, Yongchang Zheng


Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is an emerging new technology in solid tumor diagnosis and detection. It incorporates traditional imaging and spectroscopy together to obtain both spatial and spectral information from tissues simultaneously in a non-invasive manner. This imaging modality is based on the principle that different tissues inherit different spectral reflectance responses that present as unique spectral fingerprints. HSI captures those composition-specific fingerprints to identify cancerous and normal tissues. It becomes a promising tool for performing tumor diagnosis and detection from the label-free histopathological examination to real-time intraoperative assistance. This review introduces the basic principles of HSI and summarizes its methodology and recent advances in solid tumor detection. In particular, the advantages of HSI applied to solid tumors are highlighted to show its potential for clinical use.