Laparoscopic radical resection of gastric cancer and metachronous colon cancer—a case report

Wenbin Jiang, Qijiang Mao, Xiaoli Wu, Weihua Yu, Dingwei Chen


Due to the favorable prognosis of gastric cancer (GC), the incidence of second primary cancer (SPC) accompanied with GC has increased. Here, we reported a case of a 69-year-old male patient with metachronous GC and colon cancer, who had undergone laparoscopic radical resection of distal GC 4 years ago. During this hospitalization, the patient underwent laparoscopic radical resection of left hemicolectomy for metachronous colon cancer. Few literatures have reported that patients with metachronous GC and colon cancer can receive laparoscopic surgery successfully. The patient recovered well and was discharged on day 10 post-operation. The pathologic specimen was identified as metachronous colon cancer. We concluded that GC patients need regular standard follow-up programs after undergoing operations. For multiple primary cancers (MPCs), treatments need to be individualized and comprehensive. Laparoscopic surgery is recommended as an appropriate option.

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