Vol 7, Supplement 2 (March 2018): Translational Cancer Research (Technologies in Liquid Biopsies - Potential applications in Medicine)

Review Article

Clinical relevance of liquid biopsy for cancer screening
Rita Tanos, Alain R. Thierry
Is liquid biopsy ready for the litmus test and what has been achieved so far to deal with pre-analytical issues?
Bernd Schmidt, Michael Fleischhacker
Untargeted profiling of cell-free circulating DNA
Qing Zhou, Tina Moser, Samantha Perakis, Ellen Heitzer
Circulating DNA-based lung cancer diagnostics and follow-up: looking for epigenetic markers
Elena Y. Rykova, Anastasia A. Ponomaryova, Ivan A. Zaporozhchenko, Valentin V. Vlassov, Nadezhda V. Cherdyntseva, Pavel P. Laktionov
Clinical relevance of size selection of circulating DNA
Magdalena Grunt, Timo Hillebrand, Heidi Schwarzenbach
Potential of circulating nucleosome-associated histone modifications in cancer
Ebru Esin Yörüker, Stefan Holdenrieder, Ugur Gezer
Genomic instability and circulating tumor cells in prostate cancer
Sabine Mai
Detection of microRNAs in circulating tumor cells
Sabine Riethdorf
Canonical and selective approaches in exosome purification and their implications for diagnostic accuracy
Milica Popović, Ario de Marco
Circulating exosomes and their cargos in blood as novel biomarkers for cancer
Xiaodan Meng, Jinchang Pan, Shifang Sun, Zhaohui Gong
Exosomal lncRNAs as new players in cell-to-cell communication
Mihnea Dragomir, Baoqing Chen, George A. Calin
Methods for quantification and characterization of microRNAs in cell-free plasma/serum, normal exosomes and tumor-derived exosomes
Heidi Schwarzenbach