Vol 3, No 5 High intensity focused ultrasounds

Posted On 2014-11-13 16:39:56

Guest Editors: Giusi Irma Forte. IBFM CNR-LATO, Cefalù, (PA), Italy.
                       Giorgio Russo. IBFM CNR-LATO, Cefalù, (PA), Italy.

The use of focused ultrasound for therapeutic purposes has been known since the beginning of this century, but only in the last two decades it has been observed a concrete development of advanced imaging techniques that made their clinical utilize possible, such as the high intensity focused ultrasounds (HIFU) systems in combination with diagnostic ultrasounds (USgFUS) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRgFUS). This special issue has the purpose to describe the current state of art and the future scenario of MRgFUS treatments and the other therapeutic methods in development. It consists of three sections.