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RAB27A-mediated melanoma exosomes: promoters of invasion and metastasis

	author = {Dajiang Guo and Shweta Tikoo and Nikolas K. Haass},
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	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Cutaneous melanoma is the most aggressive and lethal type of skin cancer with a relatively high prevalence. Recent therapeutic breakthroughs have remarkably improved the survival rate of advanced melanoma patients, however, issues with efficacy as well as safety still persist (1). In order to further understand the mechanisms of melanoma progression and thereby discover novel druggable targets, much effort has been focused on the functions of extracellular vesicles, especially exosomes. Exosomes have long been implicated as drivers of cancer progression (2,3) with recent evidence being strongly suggestive of their protumoral functions (4-9). These observations advocate that targeting exosomes could potentially provide a new therapeutic avenue for treating melanoma.},
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