Sri Harsha Tella, MD, CCD

Department of Internal Medicine, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA

Dr. Sri Harsha Tella received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science (M.B.B.S) degree from the NTR University of Health Sciences/Siddhartha Medical College, India. Dr. Tella had his fellowship training in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) with a special focus on skeletal effects in cancer care, tumor-induced osteomalacia, endocrine malignancies and neuro-endocrine tumors.

Dr. Tella’s major research focuses involved evaluating the therapeutic options such as tyrosine kinase inhibitor, BGJ398 in the management of tumor-induced osteomalacia; analyzing the cancer risk for commonly used anti-diabetic medications and endocrine syndromes such as McCune-Albright Syndrome; evaluating the predictors of survival in endocrine malignancies such as Adrenal cortical cancer using National Cancer Data Base (NCDB); studying the immunotherapy/ target therapy effects on the pituitary gland and other endocrine system; evaluating the risk of osteoporosis in graft versus host reaction; and evaluating skeletal effects in cancer therapy. Dr. Tella’s work has been well-recognized by various professional societies and was invited for numerous oral presentations at national and international meetings to discuss his findings and received numerous awards for his work. Being an expert in the field, he has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed articles in related fields. After his tenure at the National Institutes of Health, he was offered a faculty position at the University of South Carolina where he is continuing his work in collaboration with other premier institutes such as the National Institutes of Health.

Terms of Appointment: Jul 2018 – Jun 2020