Rui Manuel Reis, PhD

Molecular Oncology Research Center, Barretos Cancer Hospital, Barretos, Brazil and Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS), School of Medicine, Minho University, Braga, Portugal

Dr. Reis implemented and is the Coordinator of the Molecular Oncology Research Center, and Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory of Barretos Cancer Hospital, Brazil, and Assistant Professor of Medicine School, and Principal Investigator at ICVS, Minho University, Portugal. Dr. Reis performed his PhD on neuro-oncology at IARC, France, and a post-doc on cancer genomics at VUMC, The Netherlands and IPATIMUP, Portugal. 

His research interests are on molecular pathology, cancer cell biology, and cancer biomarkers. Dr. Reis, is a steering member of ICGC and WIN consortiums, and published more than 140 articles in international journals and earned several scientific awards.

Terms of Appointment: Nov 2016 – Oct 2018