Hui-Yi Lin, PhD

Biostatistics Program, School of Public Health, Louisiana State Univ. Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC), New Orleans, LA, USA

Dr. Hui-Yi Lin is Associate Professor in Biostatistics Program, and Director of the Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Core of Center for Translational Viral Oncology at LSUHSC. Dr. Lin’s primary research interest is in genetic statistics, especially gene-gene and gene-environment interactions. She is the principal investigator for a National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded grant for evaluating gene-gene interactions associated with prostate cancer. Dr. Lin has more than 130 peer-review publications. Prior joining LSUHSC, she has 10-year working experience at the two NCI designated comprehensive cancer centers: Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, and Comprehensive Cancer Center at University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Lin participates several genetic association studies and genome-wide association studies, and has actively participated for projects in the Prostate Cancer Association Group to Investigate Cancer Associated Alterations in the Genome (PRACTICAL) consortium. Several of her papers published are in high impact journals, such as Nature Genetics, Lancet and Cancer Research.