Edward R. Sauter, MD, PhD

Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute, 85 Seymour Drive, Hartford, CT, USA

Dr. Sauter is a physician scientist. He currently serves as the Director of Breast Surgery at Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute, a multi-hospital healthcare system in Connecticut. He participates in multiple NIH funded translational research projects in breast cancer and am a clinically busy breast surgeon. Dr Sauter has been conducting cancer clinical and translational research trials for over 25 years. A major focus of his research is human body fluid analysis for the early detection of breast cancer. Currently the best early breast cancer detection approaches are based on imaging, but the quantification of biochemical markers in accessible tissues and/or fluids is an attractive alternative. The evaluation of changes in DNA, RNA, proteins and carbohydrates in body fluids and tissue shows considerable promise in the diagnosis of breast cancer, but analysis of body fluids is preferred because sampling is minimally invasive and ongoing assessment is practical. Despite the potential, only three FDA-approved markers are body fluid (serum) based (CA15-3, CA27-29, and HER2/neu), all to follow women already diagnosed with breast cancer. There are no FDA approved biomarkers for breast cancer diagnosis or screening.