Giovanni Brandi, MD

Associate Professor of Medical Oncology, “L. A Seragnoli” Hematology and Medical Oncology Institute, Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Speciality Medicine (DIMES), Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Hospital, Bologna, Italy


President of GICO- Italian Group Cholangiocarcinoma; Member of the Board of the Institute of Advanced Studies (ISA); Director of second level Master in Training and Qualification in Palliative Care; Director of the Specialization School in Medical Oncology;  Member of the Scientific Board for College of Excellence of University of Bologna; Member of the Scientific Board of CINBO- National Inter-University Consortium for Bio-Oncology. 

Author of more than 100 papers in international journals indexed (with IF> 700; H-index 24; i10-index 40), 8 scientific books, 15 book chapters. 

Speaker and chairman at national and international conferences.


Epato/Gastrointestinal  Oncology

His professional activities concern primary liver cancer (HCC and Biliary tract cancer), tumors of the pancreas and colorectal cancer. In the field of CRC liver metastases he is the appointed oncologist  for the new project of liver transplants for inoperable liver metastases from CRC.

As winner of the the call for Independent Research - AIFA (Italian Drug Agency)-2012 he’ is Principal Investigator in a Italian multicenter study regarding cost-effectiveness analysis of two different anti-angiogenetic strategies in I and II line: sorafenib-capecitabine vs capecitabine-sorafenib  in advanced HCC.


Another area of research is the intestinal microbiota and its potential role in the carcinogenesis of gastrointestinal tract and in the toxicity of cancer therapies. 

Concerning primary tumors of the biliary tract he first described the potential link with  previous asbestos exposure and intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.

Translational research

Further research are in progress with  next generation sequencing  analysis of biliary tract cancers stratified by risk factors.

NGS studies are also  ongoing for HCC and hepato-cholangiocarcinoma and GIST.