Erica Villa, MD

Gastroenterology Unit, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Modena, Policlinico, Modena, Italy

Professor Villa studied medicine at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia; soon after graduation, she received a scholarship for the Liver Unit, King's College Hospital – London where she worked for 2 years. 

After returning to Italy, she started working on the Gastroenterology Unit, first as a Hospital assistant and then in an Academic position (first Associate Professor of Gastroenterology and then, in 2002, Professor of Gastroenterology). 

Professor Villa is the chief of the GI Unit since 2005 and the Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine since 2010. She is Member of the Ethical Committee of the ASMN, Reggio Emilia. Member of: AISF, SIGE, EASL, AASLD.

Professor Villa served as Academic Editor for Plos1 in the period 2011-1015; She is in the Editorial Board of Liver International. Reviewer for Gastroenterology, Hepatology, J Hepatology, Endocrinology, APT, Annals of Internal Medicine, Am J Gastroenterology, Plos1, Medicine. DMM. Liver International.

Her research interests span from clinical-based studies to translational studies. They are mainly focused on hepatitis viruses, on liver carcinogenesis, on chronic liver disease and related-complication and on the role of gender in liver disease. For this purpose, she funded in 2009 the group “Women in Hepatology” with the goal of facilitating gender-oriented research and at the same time of increasing the visibility of women in research. 

Professor Villa has funded and direct a Laboratory of Molecular Hepatology. She is involved in more than 15 GCPs studied per year (including phase I and phase II trials) which represent, at least in part, the direct link between lab data and clinical application.

Terms of Appointment: Nov 2016 – Oct 2018