Nejat Dalay, PhD

Department of Basic Oncology, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey

Professor Nejat Dalay graduated from Istanbul University, received his PhD in Biophysics in 1982 and concluded his habilitation in 1986. Following postdoctoral faculty positions as assistant professor and associate professor at the Biology Department, Bogazici University he joined the Istanbul University Oncology Institute in 1988 where he founded the Basic Oncology Department comprising several research laboratories engaged in a wide range disciplines performing cancer research. He has been acting as the Head of the department since 1991 and was involved in the direction and development of educational and research programs, conducting active research and teaching several courses on molecular oncology and cancer biology. He is member of the Editorial Board of several scientific journals.

His major interest and the main research activities focus on the investigation and characterization of genetic and epigenetic alterations in cancer, mechanisms of carcinogenesis, detection of possible biomarkers and analysis of circulating nucleic acids. He has published more than 100 research articles in several scientific journals and chapters on the biology of various cancer types in different textbooks.