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Nanoparticles in radiation therapy: a summary of various approaches to enhance radiosensitization in cancer

Deep Kwatra, Anand Venugopal, Shrikant Anant


Acquired radiation resistance is one of the major causes of radio therapy failure and subsequent tumor relapse. Multiple approaches have been utilized to limit the radiation resistance while simultaneously enhancing the efficacy and safety of radiation therapy. The three major approaches for the improvement of radiation therapy have involved (I) ehancing radiosensitization of tumor tissue; (II) rversing of radiation resistance in tumor tissue; and (III) ehancing radioresistance of the healthy tissue. Nanoparticles have played a key role in the enhancement of the radiation therapy by acting both as a therapeutic as well as a carrier for other therapeutics. In this review we summarize the research being carried out using different species of nanoparticles for enhanced radiosensitization in cancer.

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