Maria G. Castro: science is a highly collaborative endeavor that transcends different barriers!

Posted On 2019-01-15 09:34:48

Over the years, Prof. Maria G. Castro from the University of Michigan Medical School, Michigan in the US has been studying pediatric and adult brain cancer biology and therapeutics and aiming to develop novel anti-cancer therapies based on immune therapeutics to inhibit tumor growth and recurrence. Her work has been supported by NIH, NINDS, Leah’s Happy Heart Foundation, Chad Tough Foundation, The Phase One Foundation and many others. Translational Cancer Research (TCR) is happy to interview Prof. Castro this time with a focus on understanding the key biological differences between pediatric and adult brain cancers, the mechanisms of immune therapeutics in developing novel brain tumor treatments, the role that tumor immune-microenvironment plays in both tumor progression and therapeutic response, as well as some interesting and challenging aspects of brain tumor research.

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