Translational Cancer Research (TCR) is going to publish monthly starting in September 2019!

Published: 2019-09-12

Since its launch in 2012, Translational Cancer Research (TCR) has been published bi-monthly with both online and printed copies. From year to year, the submissions to TCR has been rapidly increasing. This is a reflection of the ever-increasing recognition of TCR and continuing support by our authors. As a high-quality academic exchange platform, we would like to assist more and more clinicians and researchers in showcasing their scientific achievements. We are also committed to publishing articles quickly, allowing for impactful and potentially practice-changing articles to be available to readers soon after acceptance. Therefore, we are delighted to inform you that the TCR will be a monthly publication beginning in September 2019.

TCR is now indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and Scopus. We welcome all manuscripts on laboratory studies of novel therapeutic interventions, clinical trials which evaluate new treatment paradigms for cancer, results of novel research investigations which bridge the laboratory and clinical settings including risk assessment, cellular and molecular characterization, prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of human cancers with the overall goal of improving the clinical care of cancer patients and etc. There are also nine focused issues mentioned below that will be featured in future journal issues.

Focused issues in preparation

(I) Rare Tumors of the Breast (link:

(II) Recent Developments in Benign Tracheal Stenosis (link:

(III) Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer in Advanced Age (link:

(IV) Oral Pre-cancer and Cancer (link:

(V) Tumor Immune Microenvironment in Cancer Progression and Cancer Therapy (link:

(VI) Energy Balance, Aging, Obesity, and Cancer (link:

(VII) Prostate Cancer (link:

(VIII) Loco-regional Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer (link:

(IX) Urothelial Carcinoma (link:

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