Vol 1, No 4 (December 2012): Translational Cancer Research (Particle Beam Therapy II)

Original Articles

Surgical organ displacement for proton radiotherapy
Jerry M. Jesseph, Markus M. Fitzek, Kambiz Shahnazi, Song-Chu Ko, James R. Howe, Allan F. Thornton, Andrew L. Chang

Review Articles

Proton therapy for head and neck cancer: current applications and future directions
Alexander Lin, Samuel Swisher-McClure, Laura Bonner Millar, Maura Kirk, Caitlyn Yeager, Ali Kassaee, Boong-Keng Kevin Teo, Stephen M. Hahn
Proton radiotherapy in the treatment of lung cancer
Heath Devin Skinner, Ritsuko Komaki
Stereotactic body proton therapy for liver metastases
Joseph I. Kang Jr, Ted C. Ling, Jerry D. Slater, Gary Y. Yang
Clinical trials for charged particle beam therapy
Fantine N. Giap, Huan B. Giap, Alejandro Mazal, Martin Jermann, Bosco Giap, Richard P. Levy, Erik Blomquist